The administrative structure consists of an advisory council and an executive body which is instrumental in formulating policy as needed to implement the objectives of the Consortium. The details of the allocation, utilization etc. of the fund for organizing meetings, arranging exchange visits etc. will be worked out by the executive body in consultation with the advisory council. Membership of ACCMS is open to all interested institutions in the Asian member countries (areas). Affiliated membership may be made available to institutions outside this region, including those from other countries. The following advisory council and executive body have been formed to undertake the activities of the consortium, as indicated in this document.

[A] Advisory Council :

M. Doyama (Japan)
R.B. Tao (China)
S. Ranganathan (India)
J. Ihm (Korea)
V. R. Belosludov (Russia)
K. Esfarjani (Iran)
T. K. Lee (Taiwan)
Nguyen Manh (Vietnam/UK)
R. Chitradorn (Thailand)

B] Executive body :

Y. Kawazoe (Japan)
B.L. Gu (China)
G.P. Das (India)
B.L. Gu
Y. Kawazoe
G.P. Das

[C] Affiliated Members :

[D] Corporate Members :

The following procedure is adapted for the composition of the advisory council as well as the executive board. Members of each country (area) will elect up to two representatives to serve a 3 year term on the advisory council. The advisory council, in turn, will directly elect the office bearers of the executive board, who will also serve a 3 year term. In order to maintain continuity, the director of the Consortium will remain as an ex-officio member of the advisory council.

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