During the recent "International Workshop on Materials Design by Computer Simulation at Atomic and Electronic Levels", held at the Sendai International Center, during August 18-19, 2000 as part of the "International Symposium on Research and Education in the 21st Century -- The Role of Inter-University Academic and Student Exchange (ISRE2000)", Prof. Y. Kawazoe of the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, proposed to enhance corporation in Asian region in the area of computational materials science. The suggestion was welcomed by several leading researchers from different countries (see list of those presented in the minutes of Sendai meeting). After mutual consultations, it was proposed to form an "Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS)". A draft of the objectives and activities etc. of the ACCMS was prepared and Prof. Kawazoe was requested to initiate development of the home page so that we could get in touch with the community and welcome their suggestions. Accordingly, we welcome active workers to join this consortium and send their suggestions on various aspects to make it successful in strengthening corporation in Asian region. It is suggested to have the first formal meeting of ACCMS in India in the year 2001 where we could consolidate the inputs from different scientists and technologists and then give it a more formal shape. Kindly express your views/suggestions in teh Asian region.

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