1. Intra- and Inter-country Scientific & Computer Networking facilities (fix short- as well as long-term goals).
  2. Organize periodic (preferably annual) Meetings at different venues (rotate amongst member countries) and exchange of researchers.
  3. Reviewing ongoing research & development in both simulation methodologies and applications; create program library.
  4. Promote emerging areas of research, such as DNA, nanomaterials, quantum computation, etc.
  5. Remote education and student exchange
  6. Establish contacts with experimental groups and companies, and promote cooperation among scientists.
  7. Generation of funds by applying to the respective scientific funding agencies (government or private) and computer & materials related industries of the member countries.
  8. Helping to promote bi-lateral or multi-lateral agreements amongst research institutions of the member countries.
  9. Publish advanced level books/reports containing recent subjects on materials design by computer simulation.
  10. Creation of database of active researchers in computational materials science.
  11. Decimination of information regarding important meetings/conferences etc. and available positions, fellowships and grants, etc.
  12. Creation of bulletin boards for reporting important developments among the member countries (area) as well as elsewhere in the world.

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