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July 14 - 16, 2004

Novosibirsk, Russia

Minutes of the discussion meeting on ACCMS2

This was the first meeting of ACCMS in Russia and a large number of participants in ACCMS-2 were from Russia and representatives from China, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam as well as from Canada and European countries. Prof. G.P. Das briefly mentioned the objectives of the consortium for the benefit of the new participants and the progress made since the inception of the idea in the year 2000 in Sendai. Prof. Belosludov spoke about the organization of ACCMS-2. In spite of the financial difficulties the participation from Russian scientists was in large number. Prof. Kuznetsov expressed happiness to have this conference in the academic city of Novosibirsk. He mentioned, “We have not wasted time but we need more visibility and increase our contacts”. He made suggestions for increasing contacts with experimentalists, laboratories and industry as well as partnership with Asia Pacific Academy of Materials (APAM) and CODATA. Prof. Kawazoe expressed hope to raise more money from industry to support students and to make more student exchange.

After this brief introduction, representatives from different countries were asked to express their opinions. Prof. Esfarjani from Iran expressed hope that he may be able to organize ACCMS Conference in the future in Iran. Dr. Duc Mahn-Nguyen said that there are quite a few groups in Vietnam and to involve them in ACCMS. He mentioned the difficulties faced in Asia because the countries are far from each other as compared to Europe where a similar activity, PSI_k is organized successfully. In Europe governments support such an activity and we should make efforts to raise more support from Asian governments. As he is now in UK, he also mentioned about the opportunities available to people in Asia via the British Council for scientific collaborations in UK.

Prof. J. Ihm from Korea said that this is the first time for him to come to this Conference and that there are 2 persons from Korea. There are many conferences and there should be some attraction. In this meeting, it gives opportunity to know what is going on in Asia. He expected that there would be more participation particularly from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, … and that he will possibly host a meeting in the future.

Prof. Feng from Singapore said that we are small and so the representation is small, but he mentioned about a few other groups in Singapore who are doing computational materials science as well as an increase in the activity on computational materials science. He also hoped to bring ACCMS to Singapore.

Prof. Wang from China said, “This is the first time that he is in Russia”. He said there are many Conferences in China and hoped that people will have a chance to come to China.

Prof. Kawazoe proposed the venue of ACCMS-3 to be Beijing and it was accepted. Prof. Wang along with other people from China will organize the meeting in September 2005. Prof. G.P. Das suggested formation of working groups.

It was generally felt that we need to put more efforts on the exchange of scientists and students as well as to mobilize more funding to develop human and computational resources in our region.

Vijay Kumar

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