The 12th (Last) General Meeting of ACCMS-VO

(Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science - Virtual Organization)

will be held in Sendai from 17th to 19th, December, 2017,

Keynote Speakers;
1. Dr. Hiroshi Mizuseki, KIST, Korea, Title will soon come.
2. Prof. Rodion Belosludov, Tohoku University, Japan, Title will soon come.

Please contact our secretariat by e-mail to
ACCMS-VO Office : New Industry Creation Hatchery Center, Aobayama, Sendai, Japan

This VO12 is the last meeting as a series of VO meetings, trying to establish the REAL center somewhere in Asian region. We will meet in December in Sendai and finalize this over 10 years of period for the preparation. Of course after finishing the PHYSICAL (off the net) meetings, we will keep our friendship and work cooperatively. Thank you. Please join us contacting to Prof. Kawazoe below: