The 8th General Meeting of ACCMS-VO

(Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science - Virtual Organization)

Date: November 7-9th, 2013.
Place: Sendai and Matsushima, JAPAN

ACCMS Membership (Number as ACCMSxxxx) will be given to you based on the attendance to the previous meeetings. If you want to have this number as the certification of lifelong member of ACCMS, please contact us by sending e-mail to Prof. Emeritus Yoshiyuki Kawazoe:

ACCMS-VO8 Poster Awards were given to the following three young brilliant researchers:
Arkapol Saengdeejing
Takayuki Oyamada
Lijing Kang

Abstract by the keynote speaker 1, Prof. Hirao:

Abstract by the keynote speaker 2, Prof. Ohno

The series of ACCMS-VO meetings are expected to establish the Center for Asian Computational Materials Science somewhere in Asian region utilizing internet and distributed computer hardware and software resources.. Before establishement of the physical center, collaborative works should be accumulated, especially using TOMBO and other original softwares to win the game with other research groups. We will discuss deeply on this matter in ACCMS-VO8 in Sendai and Matsushima.

Conference Site : Sakura Hall, Katahira, Tohoku University

We will be on a boat trip in Matsushima bay (one of the 3 scenery spots in Japan)

New ACCMS-VO Office : New Industry Creation Hatchery Center, Aobayama