The Seventh General Meeting of ACCMS-VO

(Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science - Virtual Organization)

Date: November 23-25th, 2012.
Place: Sendai and Matsushima, JAPAN

Scientific Program (2012 Nov. 22)

List of Poster Presentation (2012 Nov. 22)

Photos of ACCMSVO7

Background and significance of this meeting is expected to create the Virtual Organization in Asia by utilization of internet and to establish the Center for Asian Computational Materials Science in IMR.
Purpose of establishment of the Center for Asian Computational Materials Science in IMR(Institute for Materials Research), Tohoku University:

1. Realize "Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science(ACCMS) - Virtual Organization" as advanced and expansive ACCMS.

2. Recognize IMR as an important center at international level through the use of a high-speed network. (Proactive approach to high-speed network between Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, etc. to realize sophisticated international collaborative researches.)