General Information

DATE January 26-28, 2008
PLACE Sendai, Matsushima, JAPAN ( see: Conference Location )
Background and significance of this meeting To create the Virtual Organization in Asia by utilization of SINET3 (next generation of the Science Information Network by NII) and to establish the Center for Asian Computational Materials Science in IMR.

About Science Grid, see outline of Science Grid (MIURA Kenichi) (Project of National Institute of Informatics)

Purpose of establishment of the Center for Asian Computational Materials Science in IMR, Tohoku University 1. Realize "Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science(ACCMS) - Virtual Organization" as advanced and expansive ACCMS.

2. Recognize IMR as an important center at international level through the use of a high-speed network. (Proactive approach to high-speed network between Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, etc. provided by NII to realize sophisticated international collaborative researches.)

SCOPE Research collaboration by using high-speed network.

To encompass fundamentals as well as application aspects of materials and phenomena in different length scales (from nanoscopic to macroscopic) and different time scales (from picosecs to secs).

Examples : Density Functional Theory and its improvements, Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulations, tight-binding and effective medium approaches, order-N methods, mixed-basis methods, quasi-continuum approach, quantum Monte Carlo, genetic algorithm, etc.

To establish strong link with experimentalists in member countries working on novel materials, which enable symbiosis in creative design of materials.

Programme Advisory and Execution Committee: Kawazoe Yoshiyuki (Japan): Convener
G. P. Das(India)
Belosludov Vladimir R. (Russia)
Feng Y. P. (Singapore)
Ihm Jisoon (Korea)
Jena Puru (USA)
Kumar Vijay (India)
Lee Kwang - Ryeol (Korea)
Ohno Kaoru (Japan)
Philpott Michael R. (USA)
Vannarat Sornthep (Thailand)
Wang Jian-Tao (China)
Wang Qian (USA)
Local Organizing Committee: Hiroshi Mizuseki : General Secretary
Ryoji Sahara, Masae Takahashi, Rodion Belosludov,
Kyoko Kimura, Ritsuko Motosugi, Kaori Oyamada, Aya Nagano